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Repair to a Cot Quilt from Saltburn

I usually do very little to the items that I acquire - perhaps a wash if it is safe to do so and the item is very soiled. However, I recently bought a small patchwork cot quilt from Saltburn in which a repair seemed appropriate. The little quilt had some "popped" seams - but the central turkey red patches had completely worn away. I thought that it might improve things if I covered over the worn patches with new ones using some antique turkey red fabric that I had to hand.

I thought that it would be an easy thing to make new patches in a small hexagon - but the worn quilt meant that the patches were all of slightly different sizes. In the end, I traced all twelve patches and made 12 slightly different templates. It did not take long to repair the look of the quilt, and the repair can always be reversed or unpicked if need be, as nothing was altered or taken away. I shall add a little label to set out what was done.


Pippa Moss