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Quilts: Textile Treasures from Wales

On Thursday 6th June I went to the preview of the exhibit of Welsh quilts at the Museum of East Anglian Life, Stowmarket, Suffolk. Mike and I drove over from Woodbridge - unfortunately, we were too late to hear the opening speeches. We did have a good look around at all the quilts!

Abbotts Hall is an amazing building that has been entirely restored over the past three years, thanks to a large lottery grant. The rooms now form a great display area. There were two rooms of quilts, all from the Ceridgion Museum in Aberystwyth, Wales. There were explanatory signs about all the quilts, plus some items from MEAL's own collection of items.

I enjoyed looking at the quilts - and was also able to catch up with Liz N, fellow BQSG member and quilt collector. Liz had come with her husband - the men were soon bored, but the museum has lots to look at. Mike toured the gardens and then listened to tapes of Suffolk dialect while Mr N, a builder, examined the building's restoration. I would love to go back another time to look at the restored buildings, eapecially the workers cottages - bought in 1970 with all the previous owners effects in situ.

A very interesting evening. There will be workshops and talks to accompany the exhibition, and details can be found on the website of the Museum of East Anglian Life.