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Quilt Study Days

by Pippa Moss – September 29, 2012

Quilt Study Days are local meetings where we get to view other people’s quilts – and bring our own to show. It’s a time to meet with like-minded enthusiasts and to exchange ideas!

Not all of the quilts on show are old! This quilt is a Gee’s Bend quilt, made recently and bought by a Guild member. It’s interesting to see quilts for real that you’ve only seen in books or in photos…

Construction of quilts, the fabrics, the quilting patterns, dating of the quilt and the history of the quilt are all discussed – where possible!

Many quilts have no known history, but with a bit of knowledge, one is able to ‘read the clues’ and discover more. This quilt top at Swaffham Prior had beautiful fabrics that had been expertly ‘fussy cut’.

Quilt study days can be organised in various ways – some have a formal teaching element, while others are more informal – but all involve examination of quilts and sharing of information. Why not look out for one near you –

or better yet, organise one for your group in your area!