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Online Videos to Watch.

As you will know there are many resources available online for watching videos about quilting these are just some that I've watched recently which may be of interest to members.

Firstly I would recommend visiting the Festival of Quilts website to view their 2020 virtual celebration which hosts a variety of videos of Lectures, Galleries, workshops and much more as well as being able to view all the quilts entered into the competitions.  (You may have to click on 'Beyond FOQ' in the top bar to access everything)

YouTube hosts a variety of videos featuring lectures from The Quilt Museum in Nebraska including these by our own Bridget Long         "Like Gulliver's Clothes: Early British Patchwork"

"Elegant Geometry:American & British Mosaic Patchwork"

'Arnold's Attic' on youtube has interviews made at quiltshows with many famous quilters/textile artists

More to come later!