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Online Heritage Quilt Club

Carolyn's Frame Quilt

Many of you will know Carolyn Gibbs and her interest in the stories behind the quilts in her historical collection. Carolyn has missed sharing her quilts and so has set up an online Heritage Quilt Club where you can join her and discover a different quilt in each session. I've really enjoyed the two I've attended when we looked at a frame quilt and then a Welsh wholecloth and am looking forward to seeing more!

Follow the links in Carolyn's facebook page (pasted below) for all the details of joining.

"The online Heritage Quilt Club that I started a few weeks ago has proved very enjoyable, both for those who are attending, and also for me! We look at the fabrics, the quilting designs, and discuss (if known) the history of one of the antique British quilts in my collection.

The original Group (now renamed Group A) has now almost reached capacity, so I am starting a second group (Group B) on alternate Monday afternoons from 4-4.30pm (GMT) (which is 12:00 – 12:30 EDT which also makes it accessible to those in the USA).

The first session of the new group, looking at this Frame quilt will be Monday November 30th; if you would like to come, you can book here:

And the next one, a Welsh wholecloth will be on 14th December:

£5 each session (about US $6.50) - why not join us?"