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New Textiles Gallery at Dales Museum

 The Dales Countryside Museum in Hawes, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire now has a lovely new space dedicated to showing local textiles and their history. There are exhibits covering quilts, rugs and knitting as well as an area for workshops and demonstrations. An impressive display of knitting sticks/sheaths is displayed in a double-sided glass case which allows the decorative carvings to be seen from both sides and don't miss the many other sticks and knitting examples which are presented in drawers below and to the side. Quilts hang from special rollers in the beams and there are amazing rag rugs to see as well as work done more recently by local textile artists.

One of the quilts belonging to the Museum (not on always on show) is featured in our 'Quilt of the Month' pages.

Many thanks to Fiona Rosher, Museum manager for Dales Countryside Museum for allowing us to feature the gallery and photos.

The rest of the museum is also extremely interesting and shows the local history of the Yorkshire Dales and the people who lived there and runs many workshops, talks and exhibitions. To find out more see their website