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More Online Viewing

More Online Viewing

As well as the excellent websites for museums and quilters blogs listed previously here it is also possible to discover more about quilts, coverlets etc by viewing the selling sites and by their nature these have a constantly changing display. Be aware though that you may be tempted as you look!

Ebay and Etsy come instantly to mind and looking at these it is possible to view a wide range of fabrics and dates of quilts but beware as the sellers can be both individuals and shops and not all are as knowledgeable as others.

There are also several individual shops with good online photos and descriptions. Probably the best known through her wonderful exhibitions at the Town Hall in Lampeter is Jen Jones. As well as the town hall shop she also has another in a cottage in Llanybydder just a few miles from Lampeter. This is well stocked with quilts and Welsh blankets many of which can be viewed on their website where there are lots of photos and a short description

Also in Wales is Jane Beck Welsh Blankets  As the name suggests there are lots of blankets on this site but also lots of quilts, usually with several photos and a short description for each.

Moving on to County Down in Northern Ireland and Collectable Quilt Company  where you will find several photos for each quilt featured along with a short description or a more detailed one where history is known. The excellent photos can also be enlarged to give good detail and Alison Miley is the knowledgeable proprietor.

Some auctioneers also have very good caches of photos of quilts from previous sales, the photos may not be as detailed as some but can give a good idea of a quilt.

Try Tennants of Leyburn and use their 'search' to look for either quilt, bedcover, or patchwork etc. There are usually two or three photos which have a hover zoom facility together with a short description. Tennants have a lot of quilts etc as they hold a specialist Costume and Textile sale twice a year.

Christies have a selection of quilts and other items from their past sales. You will need to enter 'quilt' 'patchwork' etc into 'search' which will give those in upcoming sales. For past sales do the same and then click on 'search sold lots' under the search bar. As the display is shown oldest first and often these have no photos, you will then need to select 'Sale date soonest' from the dropdown box. There is only one photo for each lot but this can be enlarged with a sliding bar.

Liz Nally

 If you come across more sites then let me know and I'll feature them here - contact (note underscore)