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Interesting Discoveries Under the Floorboards at Oxburgh Hall, Norfolk

The National Trust's Oxburgh Hall in Norfolk is undergoing a massive six million pound renovation after a dormer window fell into the courtyard. During the major roof conservation work at present taking place, thousands of rare items have been found under the floorboards including over 200 fragments of high quality Elizabethan Textiles in two large rats' nests! Due to the conditions they have survived remarkably well and include silks, velvets and embroidered fabrics.                                                                                                            

View their website for more information

Update October 2020                                                                                                                                                                                    Even more interesting discoveries have been made by archaeologist, Matt Champion, under the floorboards in the Wallpaper Attic. Over 700 pins and pieces of thread and textiles have been found and most interesting are lots of English and French letters which appear to have been used to make templates for Mosaic Patchwork. More details and photos on their facebook page

The National Trust at Oxburgh Hall have kindly given us permission to share their photos with you here.