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Canadian Red Cross Quilts - Melton Old Church

 The lure of a beautiful summer's day and the promise of a cup of tea, set us off on a walk to Melton Old Church to see a display of Canadian Red Cross Quilts, put on by BQSG member Jackie Maxwell.This church is only a short distance from my home, so was not to be missed. Jackie and her husband are keen sailors, so  they chose a weekend that did not involve sailing, but by good fortune, there was good weather plus the DDay tie-in. Jackie told me that they had had good numbers of visitors all weekend. Although I had seen some of the quilts before, some on display were new to me - I think new quilts must be popping up regularly, not a surprise, when you think how many must have been distributed!

It had been planned to hang the quilts on the Thursday, so that the children of the primary school, who are studying the second world war, cold walk the short distance to the church to see the quilts. Unfortunately, it was decided a few days prior that the country lane was not safe enough for the children to walk along - what a pity as I'm sure that many wold have been interested to hear the stories attached to the quilts.