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BQSG Gallery at the Festival of Quilts 2018


BQSG is twenty years old this year and to celebrate we have a gallery (TG12) at the Festival of Quilts.

There will be lots to see including quilts showcasing the different styles of Wholecloth Quilts from England, Scotland and Wales. There will be sections on Signature Quilts and Crazy Quilts and the outside walls will feature fabrics and print and dye methods as well as a display of patchwork in books and leaflets. The work of BQSG will be shown in another section highlighting possible research projects with the chance to see items from the Guild’s Averil Colby collection. There will be a sales table for Quilt Studies and other BQSG publications and the highlight of the gallery will be the stunning 4 Triangles Quilt featuring many fascinating fabrics.

Stewards will be on hand to talk with you about the exhibits and any interesting stories that you may have about old quilts. On Friday and Saturday Aidan Nichol will be demonstrating quilting, if his name is familiar then you may remember that Aidan and Margaret Nichol traced and stitched a copy of one of Joe the Quilter’s quilts for Beamish Museum and this was on display at the AGM in Newcastle.

We’d love to see you all on stand TG12!