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BQSG at the Festival of Quilts

1960's Hexagon Quilt?

Once again, the Committee and members of BQSG were manning the stall for the four days of the Festival of Quilts in August. Of course we were all excited about the imminent publication of the catalogue for our upcoming Exhibition "Its all in the Making". And we had back copies of "Quilt Studies" to sell. But the item that drew the most attention from the public was this quilt - a hexagon quilt. Christine Burgess had bought it for £5.00 at her local charity shop. Everyone could identify with this quilt - and had probably made their own at some point! Which fabrics were familiar? Was it 50's or 60's or possibly 70's? The consensus seemed to be mostly 60's but with a few 50's fabrics thrown in. Why did the sewer stop sewing, leaving it unfinished? Again, most seemed to think that she had simply run out of the green fabric that she had chosen to use as a border....

It was lovely to see so many familar faces - and to sign up some new members. I am hoping to see everyone again at our seminar, held this year in York, in October.