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Ailsa Craig Quilt Show, Ontario, Canada

 The Quilters Guild was invited to send member's quilts to Ailsa Craig's quilt show, in Ontario, Canada. Every year, a different country is invited to send quilts to this show. I submitted my Allendale wholecloth quilt, as I felt that it was truly British and tied in well with BQSG. I was also asked to send my Amish quilt, which had featured in the Traditional Quilt Group display at Olympia. This seemed like sending Coals to Newcastle! but I agreed, as it has a good back story.

From what I have read, the British quilts were much enjoyed...and the hand quilting, embroidery and embellishment were much admired (most North American quilts are machine quilted at the present time).The British quilts have now been taken down at the end of the show, and are now safely packed and on their way back to the UK. Next year, the chosen country is France!