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Details of 'Call for Papers 2020' follow this overview.

One of the major aims of BQSG is to encourage original research into, and foster a greater understanding of, all aspects of our patchwork, quilting and appliqué heritage and related textile practice, both historical and contemporary. Documentation and analysis of more recent practice is equally important.

It has long been recognised that quilts are multi-faceted documents that offer unique research opportunities from historical, cultural, sociological, geographical and artistic perspectives. Quilts and coverlets are not just valuable artefacts worthy of study in their own right but can also give valuable insight into the circumstances under which they have been created.

BQSG has a Call for Papers each year when researchers are invited to submit their initial research ideas, then their papers, for peer review, prior to presentation at the annual seminar. Following this, they are given the opportunity to publish their research in Quilt Studies.

Whether it is the study of specific quilts or wider issues such as influences on quiltmaking practice, for example, industrial developments in dyeing and printing techniques or the invention of the sewing machine, we welcome contributions from all researchers. Contributions can be either in the form of full size papers, up to 7000 words, or smaller papers of 2000 words.

As part of our remit to promote the development of research skills and ensure research is carried out to a high standard, we hold regular workshops and study days structured to suit both experienced and novice researchers. These days also present the opportunity to meet up with like-minded people and provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.

It is recommended that those interested in submitting should read the ‘Guidelines for Presentation of Papers’, which are available in PDF format (click here), and contact the Research Co-ordinator (



The British Quilt Study Group invites submissions for original, previously unpublished research covering quilt or related textile study for the 2020 Seminar and inclusion in the journal Quilt Studies.

Contributions can be on any aspect of quilt and textile-related study, both historical and contemporary. Contributions from new researchers are especially welcome.

Papers can be any length up to a maximum of 6000 words for a full paper or 2500 words for shorter papers. These word counts exclude endnotes and appendices.

In the first instance, please submit an abstract of approximately 500 words, outlining your area of research indicating primary and secondary sources and the proposed length of your paper. Send your abstract to the Administrator for the Research Panel at by 30 November 2019.

Selected papers will be presented at the BQSG seminar to be held in October 2020. Papers presented at the annual seminar are normally published in the well-respected BQSG journal Quilt Studies. Further details can be found on the BQSG website

If you are interested in submitting an abstract, but wish to discuss this further please contact the Research Panel for further help and advice together with a copy of the submission guidelines at

June 2019