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BQSG produces two regular publications, Culcita and Quilt Studies, which are sent to every member and friend as part of their subscription.

The BQSG newsletter Culcita has two main issues a year, in January and September, and a smaller issue containing information and booking forms for the seminar that is distributed with Quilt Studies in May/June.

It is anticipated that from time to time small guides will be printed and it may also be possible to reprint research papers from issues that are out of print.


Culcita contains BQSG news and membership information. Besides short research articles each issue contains notes, book reviews, booking forms for activities, together with What’s On at the Quilt Museum and other galleries. It is a forum for members to share information and research questions and the events calendar keeps members up to date with what’s happening in the quilt world.

The editor of Culcita is Maxine March.

Contributions to Culcita are welcome and you are invited to contact the editor to discuss any proposed article. The editor welcomes news about any events, exhibitions and talks of interest to members.

The deadline dates for issues are 7 January and 7 September.


BQSG publishes the papers presented at our annual seminar in the research journal Quilt Studies. The publication is available in May/June each year and all members and friends receive a copy as part of their subscription following renewal in May. Institutional members receive two copies.

The issues are soft bound and contain both black and white and colour illustrations.

From 2008 Quilt Studies has been edited by Hazel Mills, who is an experienced editor. She follows on from Dorothy Osler, who edited the previous five issues.


Copies of Quilt Studies 9,10,11,12,13 and 14, and back numbers that are still in print, are on sale at The Quilt Museum, St Anthony’s Hall, York, or via the shop website Quilt Studies 13 is also available on Amazon. Visitors to the Festival of Quilts can buy copies from both the BQSG and Quilters’ Guild sales stands.

BQSG has an information and sales stand at the Festival of Quilts Birmingham in August and Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles AGM, and an information stand at the Antique Textile Fair Manchester in March of each year.